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Located in the hip surf town of Paia, VANA celebrates the flavors of Hawaii and showcases locally grown ingredients and Japanese inspired dishes. Our menus feature farm fresh salads, local seafood, vegetarian items, *sushi, steak and desserts. Maui Chefs Sean and Nick carefully created our dinner menus while Jessica, our mixologist developed prohibition-inspired cocktails.
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SURFCLUB is serving Mexico-city inspired cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. Our lobster tacos and lobster quesadillas are a must try using homemade salsa, local tortilla and fresh seafood. We’re always looking for ways to support our local fisherman, farmers, and tortilla makers as we source our ingredients locally from Maui beef and local ulu to Kaua’i shrimp.

Best of all, we have vegetarian and vegan options without sacrificing on taste. Try all three of our veggie tacos (breadfruit, sweet potato, and cauliflower) with a side of our homemade vegan cinnamon-coconut horchata. 


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